Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Design New Blog with a new (ish) direction (for now)

Yep its been a while and time certainly does fly when you are having fun, earthquakes or aftershocks. Christchurch has had it all these last 11 months! At last count we were up to 8191 since Sept 4 2010! Don't believe me? Check out

All & all I have had enough of 2011. February 22nd saw us have a follow up 6.3 which wrecked havoc on my city and killed 183. June 13 was a 5.7 & a 6.3 and then June 14 saw my Mum (who hadn't been well) pass away.

All this makes one start to think and today on Facebook a friend posted about

So I've decided along with all the other stuff I may write about every post will start with what I'm grateful for. A long time ago '97 to be exact Oprah urged her audience to start a Gratitude Journal - and this is my version.

Today I'm grateful for all that I have (because living in Christchurch is not simple anymore)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Almost a year has gone by!

And I see I made a total of 10 posts for 2009. Well that is a record for me but hardly earth shattering. I just know I can beat that in 2010! I think I should aim for weekly posts.

So my news? Well the last 4 months of 09 were a heck of a lot better then the rest of it! And the reason was a got a NEW FULLTIME JOB! I now work at the Christchurch City Council in the Sport & Recreation Unit with an amazing team. My gosh its so nice to be appreciated and I couldn't be happier. Best move I ever made

December saw me sucked into the vortex that is Twilight. Never did I think I would be pulled in by books about vampires and warewolves but that is indeed what has happened! Sublime! I have now seen both movies too and have to say "Alice" is the coolest chick out. I know there has to be other fans out there, and if you are not (*ahem* Erin haha) I say give it a chance

Back to book 4 now *sigh* (and on the countdown to movie 3 - June 30 2010)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Brrrm Brrrm!

I got my CAR! YAY LOL I'll post pics as soon as I can. But true to funding stories it wasn't straight forward....I looked at the car and decided to buy it just before Christmas. I said to the sales guy that they probably wouldn't get payment till the week of the 12 of Jan. He was happy with this and for me it meant I didn't have to pay insurance while it was still at the yard! On the 19th I hadn't heard anything and I rang the caryard who said they hadn't been paid yet. I said I would chase it up. I rang ENABLE (the funding agency) but they had an anniversary day and I spent the next week playing phone tag! On the 26th when I finally got through to a real live person, they said they had paid on the 21st Jan GREAT but the only problem was that the caryard had no record of it! Enable said they would sort it out with the caryard and get back to me the next day (Tues) When I hadn't heard anything by the Thursday I rang to be told "Oh we just discovered that we sent the cheque to the wrong PO Box number and now we have to wait to get the cheque back before we can direct credit the car yard." HUH? But I waited until last Tuesday and rang again. No Cheque had been returned yet. I suggested they cancel the cheque and pay the caryard, to be told "No we have to wait till we get the cheque back." WTF? LOL When I pointed out that they may never get that cheque back I was met with silence and they weren't moving their stance. So I decided to call in the big guns of one of my coworkers who could drop "CCS Disability Action blah blah..."into the conversation, which he did on Wednesay and lo and behold the car was ready to be picked up on Thursday! He rang me to say "Am I good or what?" and when I asked what he said, he said in a nice way he told the guy he was being a dick! LMAO!! So now I have a very shiny red MAZDA 2 (2002) in my garage!!

Now I thought to myself I need to get insurance sorted. So I rang State insurance as I have my home and contents insurance with them. Spoke to this really nice guy called Dougal. He was really chatty, I now almost know his life history! LOL I explained the situation, - had car, other people would be driving it, I have no licence, all my drivers would be over 25 etc etc. He worked out the premium at $1040 ish per year (Ouch!) Then said it was so high basically because it had no no claims discount and I didn't have a licence. Then he said "that's not very fair as you are never going to drive the car. Let me talk to my boss" and he put me on hold. He came back apologising that he couldn't talk to the right person but will ring you back with an answer on Sunday." This guy had been so helpfull that I was happy with this. 2 hours later he rang to say my new premium was $400ish per year! I was ecstatic and told him he deserved a pay rise LOL! And I thought insurance people weren't that nice! It just goes to prove that common sense does prevail!

So let the adventures begin!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Change of Name

You may have noticed (or maybe not!) the name of my blog has changed. Why? because I'm sure I have sent you all to sleep by now! Its been a while so I guess I should start where I left off....The Inauguration...what can I say....FABULOUS. He really feels to me like a Global President, how I would LOVE to work for him in the area of disability *sigh* Watching him walk down the steps before being announced I was thinking "Please don't do a John Key!" The aforementioned NZ Prime Minister did a speech for Chinese New Year and then proceeded to fall down the steps of the stage returning to his seat and breaking his arm in two places! (although this wasn't discovered till the next day!) Thankfully Obama got through smoothly, although what was with the supreme jude getting the oath wrong?

Its been a busy couple of weeks, including my first 2 2 day weeks but in true CCS form I'm already a half day ahead of myself LOL Never fear though coz I will take that time off when I go for a swimming assesment next week.

We have had more hot weather which has been fantastic for the World Buskers Festival which finished today. Went 3 times in total and saw some brilliant acts although one thing is for sure - none of them have CP *that* is for sure!

My car is on the way that is if the funding agency can pay the right caryard this week. I thought it was taking an age and rang them to hear this explanation "Oh we sent the cheque to the wrong PO Box number." OK so they say that paitence is a virtue so fingers crossed for this week

Now for my other vice - you know I like music well now its time to hear about TV. I love my MYSKY HD recorder!! Tonight for instance is the Austrailian Open Final (GO Fed Ex!) and a NZ/Aust ODI and the start of another season of 24 - all on at the same time! 24 is a must record and think I will just flick between the other 2. and then I have work in the morning EEK!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Moment In Time

I felt I needed to make a post tonight for a number of reasons starting with
The Inaugaration!
There are a few moments in time that go down in time for the impact they have. Where were you when:
  • JFK was asassanated
  • Elvis died
  • Diana died
  • 2 planes hit the World Trade Centre
  • and there are many more both good and bad. Tomorrow another one gets added to the list. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN
  • America swore in its first African American President?

I can tell you where I will be - glued to my TV set that's where! I am transfixed by this guy. He instills confidence everytime he speaks. His acceptance speech was simply enthralling for me. I believe that America will move forward under his leadership and most importantly for me he seems to understands being in a minority, diversity and difference. Can't wait can't wait CAN'T WAIT!

In other news I made it through my first week of work - all 2 days of it! and tomorrow sees the arrival of my 2nd trial manual wheelchair (since the first one was such an abject failure: read: I sat in it for 5mins and said "No way!")

The world Buskers festival starts here on Thursday, should be good so expect a post or 2 on that

Friday, January 16, 2009

WOW Music!

And it was relatively easy and free! but don't worry if you don't like it you can pause/stop easily, now I've just got to figure how to add to it. I got this idea thanks to Jenny May so now I'm hoping she can give me some easy instructions...

So I guess some explanations are in order..

David Archuleta I think is amazing and I was hooked once I heard him on American Idol (7). He realeased a self titled CD in November 08 which actually had different versions with extra tracks depending where you bought it! Of course it wasn't released at all here so I had it imported (at a scary price) but of course it didn't have all the tracks and most of what you hear from him here are those (now how do I get them to my iPhone?) You're The Voice is the exception its not on the CD's but he sang this in one of the rounds of the show. It was by far his weakest performance on the show but I had to admire his guts to take a song that was not known by 99.9% of the audience and try something different. (He also did this with Robbie Williams Angels with an incredible almost unplugged version. Once again this song was virtually unknown to the audience.) So this was the much better studio version he did while still on the show and while clearly he isn't John Farnham I still think its pretty good. I technically am nowhere near the demographic for his CD! but one of the things I like about the CD is it shows he was capable of more then the ballads he seemed boxed in by on the show. I hope that in the future he will have even more control of the kind and sound of his music.

Jordin Sparks is another idol winner and I just love this song

Miley Cyrus. I'm almost embarrased to admit I like this song - but there you go! I just love the beat

Boyzone. Yet another closet fan LOL and this is their first single after reforming.

I promise I'll add some more mainstream stuff. Its too cool though coz I can add stuff that is almost impossible to get in NZ.

Only one more day and then its back to work for me :0( I went out to Sumner today (a beachside suburb) with an ex flatmate who chucked me in her partner's "Bro Mobile" AKA Ford Station Wagon complete with fluffy dice and bench seat!At Sumner they have these cool "Mobimat" things that get put out over the soft sand which means that I can get onto the beach in my powerchair and go for a walk along the beach. Although I was in my manual chair today so we didn't do that. It is one of the coolest things to experience, just have to remember to not go backwards or stop in soft/wet sand - that's how one gets stuck!

All in all a pretty good day

Saturday, January 10, 2009

If I thought it was HOT before....

you guessed it....It just got HOTTER Last Thursday (or was it Wed?) got to 40deg C. Now as you may have guessed we are simply not used to that kinda weather here! When I got home my disk drive on the computer sounded like it was about to blow up! I guess I'm a bit naughty and usually don't turn the computer off - but this night I decided I should and give the poor thing a rest. Don't think it was made for the heat either and if it was to crash on me, well I think I'd go a little TradeMe (NZ ebay for those overseas readers) Facebook, email or seeing what Archie has been up to...perish the thought! But here I am, computer alive and kicking so a rest must have been what it needed.

So its been a few days of heat rest and relaxation for me. Not too much to report but I have managed to see a couple of movies:
  1. The Curious Case Of Benjamen Button. I did enjoy this, its a nice little, different romantic tale but man was it LONG! I do think they could have shortened it some. On the plus side, as he got younger it never fails to amaze me just how good looking Brad Pitt is. This AND he has a social concience! *swoon* *** 3/5 stars on my scale.
  2. Yes Man This I LOVED I have to admit to being a little 50/50 on Jim Carrey movies but I wanted to see it as it has fellow kiwi RHYS DARBY - (AKA Murray from Flight Of The Conchords) in it. Jim was great and Rhys playing Murray esque Norman was a real scene stealer If you want a good laugh this is it *****5/5 stars

Talking of Flight of the Conchords reminds me that I have added a couple more sites that I like flight of the If you haven't checked these guys out before you should now! Quirky funny and bizzare that is them! Also David Archuletta BIG fan here! This young guy is amazing. His voice is absolutely incredible! He is soooo humble I can't help but like him even more. If I make it to the States one day (2010?) I'm gonna try and see a concert of his

Well thats about my lot for now...Thanks so much for your comments keep em comin!