Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Design New Blog with a new (ish) direction (for now)

Yep its been a while and time certainly does fly when you are having fun, earthquakes or aftershocks. Christchurch has had it all these last 11 months! At last count we were up to 8191 since Sept 4 2010! Don't believe me? Check out

All & all I have had enough of 2011. February 22nd saw us have a follow up 6.3 which wrecked havoc on my city and killed 183. June 13 was a 5.7 & a 6.3 and then June 14 saw my Mum (who hadn't been well) pass away.

All this makes one start to think and today on Facebook a friend posted about

So I've decided along with all the other stuff I may write about every post will start with what I'm grateful for. A long time ago '97 to be exact Oprah urged her audience to start a Gratitude Journal - and this is my version.

Today I'm grateful for all that I have (because living in Christchurch is not simple anymore)

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